When to transition to toddler bed?

So when to transition to toddler bed –

“no way, I want out of this crib” is the signal that your little one might be verbalizing stress when they are ready for that big change and that new bed of theirs.
So, what do we need is at first, do not move them too early and it is recommended doing it at the age of around 3. Unless they are truly climbing out of the crib or they really need a lot more space then the crib can provide.  Their body does grow at an incredible rate and it its totally better to keep them in the crib which allows them to feel safe and secure.

So if the old saying goes, dont fix whats not broken, then thats the answer. Dont do it too early, if they are sleeping well in the crib then there is no need to move to a bed just yet.

Other than that, kids that are the under the age of three are very impulsive and still have difficulties in following rules like staying in their own bed and sleeping all night. So it will make a big challenge keeping them in their own bed all night.

So when to transition to toddler bed happens and the time has come and your child is outgrowing the crib, heres some great tips to help you make the transition run very smoothly.

  1. With the help of your child – Disassemble the crib. This way your child will feel part of the process and will be able to say to themselves, goodbye crib!
  2. Pick the bed and mattress with your child, this will also help with the transitional process again and giving your child the little responsibility of owning their own bed. Just remember to have safety in mind. You dont want a bunk bed etc. You just need a good size one, box spring and if you can some safety bars on the side.  The bed should be able to adjust the height and you will want it quite close to the floor to start with. The bed should be put in a corner of the room so the side and head are flush with the room.
  3. Create a good nice safe environment: Think about where they could go in the night as if they could sleep walk. Stairs, secure windows and any other hazards you need to think about to make sure they will be safe during the night.
  4. You have to explain the rules of bed time with them and stick with it, go over and over the rules until they are comfy with them.
  5. Bedroom routine, the first few nights is where you want to spend extra time and getting them comfortable in their room making them feel safe. Read a story longer than usual, talk to them a bit more and just make them feel at ease. If your child feels excited about the transition process then you are really in luck.


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