My Baby waking up early – Can I Do Something About It?

My Baby waking up early! help.

Your baby that is an one of those early morning wakers and it’s definitely one of the top baby sleep problems to fix, if not the god damn hardest.

“Why,Why,why please go back to sleep” you always say to the baby

My Baby waking up early

The reason is that your little one has had a brilliant night sleep and has charged their batteries for the next day and are ready to take on the world.

The fact is all of us when all of us come into our lighter sleeping hours the last hour is preparing us for the day.

Number 11, this is a magic number, your child should not sleep more than 11 hours, them being a sleep from 19:00 to 06:00 is a great schedule for them even if it feels a silly time to wake up for you. You really can’t ask you child to sleep more then their bodies need and there little bodies are really well rested after 11 hours but saying that some little ones just like to have 10.5 hours or 10 hours

And it is really Good if they have a great night’s sleep, then it will be so much easier for them to fall asleep at their naptime so they will be getting enough rest for their little bodies. So its good to understand why My Baby waking up early.

If your little one is sleeping at 19:00 to 05:00 then we have a little problem and you will need to push their routine later by a good 20 minutes increments then see if your child is waking up later in the next few days.

A big word, a big caution is that making bedtime, sometime can have the opposite effect of your child waking up early and the following reasons are what needs to be done in very small steps.

A word of caution, though: Making the bedtime later can often have the opposite effect of causing your child to wake up earlier. This is the reason why putting them bed later needs to be done in very small steps.

Some other really great tips on My Baby waking up early

• If your child is under 12 months of age and has slowly become to wean feedings then you should other them more of the breast or bottle in the day and especially around 1-2 hours before nap naps so they won’t be hungry when they are sleeping.

• Are there any sounds waking them up in the morning, like barking dogs, sprinklers garbage trucks etc. then get some white noise in the bedroom and make it loud enough to use against the not wanted sounds.

• Make sure they room is well dark, get anything that will darken the room and let no light in.

• Don’t check on them unless you have too, they can sense you near by and will wake, so let them sleep it off.
Hope these tips help you and your little one get a great night’s sleep, If not check out the baby miracle sound sleeper and watch their free guide on baby sleep.

Still having problems? Watch this free guide

My Baby waking up early

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