Benefits of co sleeping

Benefits of co sleeping

The real main practice is where the child sleeps in bed with his parents and is really a big hot debate about this subject, it’s around forums, on tv and everywhere where parents frown or like the idea of it.

Some Parents will tell you that it’s a natural way of raising a child as it helps the bond between you and your child with a very secure attachment and there are those that will tell you that it’s stupid and very very dangerous. Imagine rolling over on the poor thing or lashing out in your sleep (you having a nightmare).

First it’s very important to realise that co sleeping is not perfect and I know certain people would disagree. A lot of parents have said that their babies did not sleep longer or deeper with them and slept better in their own cribs.

The real choice is yours, have your child sleep on their own or choose to co sleep if both you and your child or 100% safe in doing so. If you do eventually decide to do co-sleeping, you need to really ask yourselfs questions.

• Do we really agree, to insure their safety that we get into bed when the child does?

• Do we watch a lot of tv in bed or are we willing to be very quiet (and this will include your sexual activity) and not make a noise when we are all in bed?

• Will it benefit the feeding during the night, due to the closeness of the child?

• As for working parents, will sleeping next to our infant allow us to feel more connected to them?

Lets take a good look at the positives and negatives of co sleeping

benefits of co sleeping
benefits of co sleeping with her baby

Benefits of co sleeping

• Very quick reactions for any related sleep problems,  nurse and respond to night time wakings without getting out of bed.

• More time to spend with your little one

• very constant and close connection when your child is wide awake, A lot of Constant closeness whenever the child is awake. Many mothers enjoy this.

• Better sleeping if your infant is sleeping badly to begin with.


Negatives benefits of co sleeping

• Parents and infants sleep cycle are totally different

• If the child is moving a lot all night (but not awake), parents might have a bad night’s sleep.

• You have no Privacy

• You might end up having to sleep in another room, then blame and get angry with your baby.

• You go to bed with your baby and have no time for yourself and other relationships.

The ultimate decision of benefits of co sleeping is totally yours and yours only, dont go what other people say as it might work for them but every kid is different and every parent are different. Do what makes you happy and works for you and your philosophies of life. Just remember your child is unique and other parents will have good and bad experiences in co sleeping.

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