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With Baby sleep training methods, Your baby Might be giving up their night time feedings by the time they are 3 months old,   but do not assume that such a small child will totally give up their breast or bottle just like that.

If your little one is at least 3 months and still needs a breast/bottle at bedtime and needs more food 2-4 times a night, This will be the cause of more waking. If this is the case, you might need to help them sleep better by actually decreasing step by step the number of the feedings.

But be warned, if the little one takes in a massive amount of breast/bottle over the course of the night – realistically eliminating these feedings straight away would really not be wise.

Solving The Problem with Baby sleep training methods

If you know that the extra feedings through the night are waking up your child in their sleep, you will be glad to know the problem is easy to fix.

  1. Is to teach the child To get rid off or slow down the nighttime feedings
  2.  Is to teach your little one very new sleep associations, They can sleep without having to sucking on a breast/bottle, without the comfort of being held. You can do these 2 things at the same time or prefer one at a time.

So heres number 1 in plain english.

Feeding at night. Start by feeding them more a good hour before they go to bed, without putting pressure on them try to give them more bottle/breast then start decreasing the number of feedings and slowly decreasing the quantity in the bottle. Don’t stop suddenly

The actual goal is to slowly move your little ones feeling of hunger from night time to daytime, once there is only 1 night time feeding left, you can choose to stop that feeding straight away since the ingested in the night is very very slow.

A good program for Baby sleep training methods that is designed for – to allow new patterns to develop will be easier for them to follow.

Number 2

So you’re going to be working on both sleep association and feeding patterns at the same time, as soon as your child has had enough feed but them straight to bed even if they wake and cry. This is getting them associated that it’s nap nap time. If you are co-sleeping and they sleep next to you, move them off when feeding is done so they can learn to fall asleep and not use your breast or bottle as some sort of pacifier. They won’t be hungry as you have just fed them, so you are changing their mindset of what happens while they fall asleep.
If you nurse him and he sleeps next to you, move him off of you when the feeding is done so that he can learn to fall asleep without using your breast as a pacifier. You’ve just fed him, so he is not hungry – now you are only changing his expectation of what happens while he falls asleep.

If you have kept this tips up and have cut down or even stopped the feedings after that continue applying the technique of progressive waiting at wake times (except if they are hungry) until the waking stops


Still having trouble?  Watch this free easy to follow Video

Baby sleep training methods

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