Baby sleep problems – Babies Cry As They Learn How To Sleep

Your baby crying and screaming is one of those things that can heartbreak any tough parent, baby sleep problems when babies are learning to sleep are very common. You want them not to be in distress and of course to be healthy. For that to happen, they need a good night’s sleep every night.

Baby sleep problems

It would be so magical if you could just put your baby to bed and they shut off straight away but life doesnt work like that, if it did, sign me up. The truth is that all newborns and babies do shed tears in the process. The question is Why?

The simple answer is that babies do not like change and are protesting, they are out their own comfy zone (being on a breast, being cuddled etc). Think about when you was back as a kid, did you reread your favorite books over and over again? All of us humans dont really like change and thats why it is very normal for your little one to protest going to sleep.

Babies also cry, because they have not learnt to speak yet so it’s their way in telling you they are not happy.

Second Baby sleep problems,  when older babies learn how to sleep on their own, it can be so frustrating for them as they no longer have their mom or papa by their side to protect them, cuddle them and talking to them. So they feel a little insecure and they really dont know what to do differently straight away but they will eventually.

What is really frustrating about sleeping is the fact we do it all differently, it is considered a learning behavior and yet you really can’t teach this to anybody else.  You just try to say to your baby or child, Just close your eyes and sleep but its not as magical as that


What’s really interesting about falling asleep is that although each of us is born with the inherent ability to do so, it is considered a learned behavior. And yet you can’t teach anyone else how to do it – you can’t simply say to your child to close his eyes and sleep. Instead, each of us has to learn for ourselves what to do to settle into sleep.

So they are frustrated and like many others has not really learnt the skill of settling themselves down and needing you to take a step back so they have the chance of learning to settle themselves down. They might kick their little legs in the air, mumble,  gently rock their head side to side, play with their hair or suck on there thumb.

The real truth is that we all have different ways of settling into a sleep routine and one thing not to do is stand next to them or pick them up because they won’t learn to sleep on their own. If you help them, they will cry harder and harder

So just remember that make sure that they are not hungry, or need changing etc and if they are fine, just step back and let them learn themselves.

Baby sleep problems should solve by themselves. If they dont, try This free video guide

baby sleep problems

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