Newborn won’t sleep, your baby won t sleep! Help

My baby keeps waking up at night! Newborn won’t sleep! Help

Most of us have been there, Sleep deprivation from our little bundle of joy, Who now is becoming a problem with waking us up every hour after hour, Day after day making us Sleep deprived! baby won’t nap or baby won’t sleep in crib

Its not that the babies nappy needs changing or the fact the baby is hungry nor It’s to do with the age of the baby, 1 months old, 2 months old, 3 months old, 4 months old is not the problem.

It is really becoming a huge problem for us parents not getting enough rest and this really affects our performance at work, our social lives and really our lives in total. Drain tired and feeling totally frustrated with our child. Screamin out and at our babies with total frustration, Asking madly, “what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with you!” and your even the baby won’t nap.

Then there comes the guilt of feeling a useless parent, being a failure, being a let down to yourself and your child. We have all been there with these feelings, You are not Alone!

Do not try the ferber method as stated on bottom of this page.

Newborn won't sleep
Newborn won’t sleep



Main Reasons newborn won’t sleep through night.


Teething is one of the most common things that is keeping you and your baby up, even at a few days old, This is one of the main things that can make you feel powerless that you can’t help them.

Being very Hungry

This one might seem too obvious, but even a 6 month old, well breastfed baby can still get very hungry in the night.

Sleep association

This is a thing that your baby requires in order to get a good night’s sleep, majority of babies like movement such as walking, bouncing, rocking or a good car ride. Some require something to suck on, like a breast, dummy etc. Not because their hungry, just because it’s comforting

Developmental Milestones

Babies develop at an incredible rate that you dont really notice, one minute they’re born, the next minute they’re rolling over, then crawling, then they can pull themselves up and then learn to walk and talk. This can disrupt their own sleep patterns and nap times.

Being Human

Babies are not robots, they are after all, little humans. Dads and moms sometimes are so baffled why there babies dont sleep the same time off the day and why there wide awake sometimes when on another day there out cold. The newborn sleep schedule is and can be totally confusing. Do you go to sleep at the same time every single day? no well there you have it – they are mini-you’s. This is just one of the reasons baby won t sleep.

Good Solutions for your newborn won’t sleep or baby won’t sleep in crib

Wait a moment before going to your baby

Don’t jump and go straight away to your baby when they make a slight noise, this is such a common mistake when you have a newborn baby in the house. If you do you are just teaching them to wake you up more often for that comfy feeling, just be patient and let them settle for a while. They will be learning there own newborn sleep schedule.


Keep your baby’s day very light and bright and their nights dark, darkness does trigger the brain to release a hormone called melatonin which they will totally figure out its bed time.

Putting your baby to bed when they are drowsy, Not when there are a sleep.
Master the timing of putting your baby to sleep when there are drowsy, the babies that can drift off all by themselves are 100% more likely to learn and sooth themselves to sleep in the future.
Try not to give your baby eye contact.
Babies are so easily stimulated especially when you make eye contact with them, they will think it’s play time again.  Its hard to do but try not to look at them in the eye. Its a good reason why baby won’t nap or baby won’t sleep in crib


Solutions that are NOT Recommended


Basically the ferber method is just letting your baby scream and cry all night long until it falls asleep all by itself. This has been backed up by harvard university that state the ferber method that’s used lets babies left crying suffer long lasting damage to their nervous systems and in the long run, in later life, These kids are more prone to having panic attacks and anxiety disorders. Your baby does need reassurance from parents to help develop their brains. So no we dont recommend the ferber method what so ever for your child’s future.


If you have really tried everything and your newborn won’t sleep, baby won’t sleep in crib or your baby won’t nap and you want a simple solution, We recommend the miracle sound that really does work, Watch their  video demonstration for the baby won t sleep.

Tried everything? Tired? Watch the free video that will help you and your baby sleep!
baby wont nap


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